Monday, January 23, 2012

Bright Ideas

Sweater: Pimkie, Spain
Flannel: Aeropostale, 2011
Jeans: Big Star, Buckle
Belt: Fossil
Booties: Blowfish
Earrings: Vera Wang for Kohls
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

Today is the day.  While watching a documentary on Bayard Rustin in my COMM 290 lecture, I began daydreaming.  Lost in my reverie, I made the decision to finally start the blog I've long been musing over.  

Maybe it's the New Year's resolution finally kicking in, or my (not so) recent obsession with blogging, but today, an unknown force inspired me.  This outfit isn't what I would normally wear, but today I felt the compelling need to create and deviate.

Isn't it incredible how your clothes are that much a part of you? How they can inspire and arouse?  I love expressing myself through what I wear, and I love how my clothes make me feel.