Thursday, January 26, 2012


Purple Sparkle Polish: Wet n Wild, Shine, 435G
Purple Base Polish: Sally Hansen, Insta-Dry, 21 Uptempo Plum
Green Sparkle Polish: Sinful Colors, 932 Call You Later
Green Base Polish: Sally Hansen, Insta-Dry, 22 Jumpin' Jade

*All polish was purchased from drugstore*

When I got my box of polish out of my closet this afternoon, my original intention was to paint my nails.  Then I noticed my key ring sitting on my desk.  Before my crafty side revealed itself, my keys used to have those little rubber bumpers around the tops that differentiated each one.  The bumpers on mine were discolored and worn, so instead of buying new key toppers, I decided I would make my own.

I used the dark colors as a base, (two coats), then applied the sparkle.  Between applications, I used a hair dryer to speed up the process.

I use these two combos on my nails all the time.  They stay on for weeks; the sparkle coat acts as a topcoat, only stronger, and makes chipping and cracking nearly impossible.

Now my keys are cute and functional and I don't have to look at those ugly bumpers.  The best part? I have some pretty unique conversation starters.