Thursday, February 9, 2012

Professional Dress

Shirt: Von Maur
Blazer: Target
Jeans: Silver, The Buckle
Shoes: Dexflex, Payless
Sunglasses: Ray Ban "Clubmaster"
Headband: Forever 21

I had a mock interview today for my Interviewing class (go figure), so I decided to swap out my dress pants and heels for jeans and flats.  When deciding what to wear last night I had a minor freak out, i.e. "I have NOTHING to wear!!" "I hate everything in my closet!!"  Obviously, I was wrong.

 For me, finding professional dress is a real problem.  I hate black, but it's usually the look I resort to when I try to dress "professionally".  I struggle to find the happy medium between trying to express myself through what I wear and not distracting the other party with my clothes.

Does anyone else feel like I do?  Better yet, does anyone have any professional dress tips?